In 2001, a young man searched for Islamic resources for his children online, in Islamic stores and conventions, but he felt something was missing. With sincere determination, he decided to take matters in his own hands and formed Kids Media. Supported by his dedicated wife, the pair produced The Story of Prophet Musa in 2005, followed by Muhammad: a Mercy to Mankind in the same year.

Although not Hollywood quality, the animations and narrations appealed to families looking for Islamic material. Production included hiring animators to bring the story to life, professional actors for voice-overs and narration, as well as post production editing and packaging. Scholars were invited to share their feedback on the content. Being a family run project, future titles relied on sales from DVDs. Encouraged by well-wishers, early sales were steady.

One brother reported how he made free copies of the DVDs and gave one to each student in his Sunday School. Although he had good intentions, unfortunately instances like this hindered our ability to produce more titles.

After 12 years, a generous couple reached out eager to pick up where we left off. With renewed vigor, we dusted off the script about Imam Husain, grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him and his family). We are thrilled to launch our latest release Husain: Defender of Freedom, which is now available to rent on Vimeo or purchase on DVD. Although obscured, the faces of characters have been shown. We put much thought into the appearance after consulting scholars. In addition, you’ll find teacher-produced worksheets to accompany the movie, including a pre-movie activity.

If you are interested in supporting our vision or want to share your ideas, we would love to hear from you.

Peace and blessings,

Kids Media Team